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Ethical Australian Clothing, Saving the Planet One Garment at a Time

Our concept for ethical Australian clothing came about from wanting to provide the fashion industry with good quality denim clothing that would wear well and last long but made in a way that is not harmful to the environment or factory workers who manufacture the clothing. We also wanted to make our items available to as many people as possible in both Australia and New Zealand, which led us to establish our sustainable fashion online store, DRICOPER DENIM. Along with durability, we also wanted denim with a vintage look and developed our “unique dry denim process” which is free of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Online Clothing Stores

Eco-friendly fashion is a new concept, so currently, the primary responsibility lies with the clothing manufacturers and fashion designers to ensure the use of sustainable materials and processes. The eco-friendly concept considers the environment, the consumer’s health, and the working conditions of the people who manufacture the clothing items. With this as our focus, we are providing eco-friendly clothing online with free shipping to Australia and New Zealand. We source our clothing ranges from suppliers who share the same perspective as us regarding sustainability, ethical workplaces, and social responsibility.

  • Raw materials such as cotton, linen, and Tencel, grown without the use of pesticides and silk made by worms that feed on organic trees, are used to make the clothes. We don’t use any harmful chemicals or bleaches when colouring the fabrics.
  • Garments can be made from second-hand clothes, recycled, and reused textiles such as plastic bottles. In this way, the fashion industry can begin to help reduce waste, especially as it is one of the highest polluting industries.
  • The workers manufacturing the clothing are paid a fair and legal wage, on time and with overtime if applicable, there is no child labour, we adhere to safety precautions for the workers strictly adhered. The working conditions are healthy, for example, there must be proper lighting and ventilation, and any workers who handle Indigo must wear a mask.
  • We offer more people the option to support our cause and buy trendy, durable, vintage denim clothing from our sustainable clothing online store. Let us provide you with the ease to shop in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience, with delivery to Australia and New Zealand.

What Sets DRICOPER DENIM Apart Regarding Australian Ethical Clothing

We have partnered with suppliers who share the same common goals we do when it comes to saving the environment, sustainably producing good quality clothing, and treat their staff ethically and fairly. We have more than 20 years’ experience working with denim and have developed our own “unique dry denim process” to give denim it’s vintage look. This process does not make use of chemicals like toxic sandblasting does; we instead use hand scraping and pumice stone abrasion techniques.

  • If you prefer to see and feel the quality of clothing, you can make an appointment to view our items at our showroom in Marrickville NSW and purchase from our online store later.
  • Our clothing ranges, are largely denim, comfortable, durable, and made from quality, chemical-free, and natural materials. We source our brands from manufacturers who follow sustainable procedures to produce the fabrics and garments.
  • We offer free shipping on all orders within Australia and to New Zealand.
  • As part of our social responsibility, we support The Smith Family for Children’s Education.

What You Can Expect From DRICOPER DENIM Regarding Sustainable Fashion Online

We source good quality denim clothing that is durable and made sustainably, thereby ensuring you get a garment of which the production has caused minimal harm to the environment and will withstand many washes and plenty of wear. You can be confident that by ordering from our range of ethical clothing online you will receive garments made in factories that follow fair, safe, and healthy working conditions for their employees, have a low carbon footprint and produce minimal waste. Browse now for:

  • High-quality denim clothing that is durable, comfortable, fashionable, and made from chemical-free raw materials.
  • A wide selection of men and ladies denim clothing such as active jeans, cargo jeans, slouchy shorts, shirts, and jackets. Our jeans and shorts are available in the standard shades of denim blue as well as other colours.
  • Should you wish to view our range, you are welcome to make an appointment with one of our friendly staff members at our showroom in Marrickville NSW and then shop in the comfort of your home online.
  • To be sure you are ordering the correct size garment we have size guides available for men and women with instructions on how to measure to ensure you purchase the correct fit.


We base our company values on the idea of wanting good quality, durable denim clothing with a vintage look but at the same time obtaining this in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical way. We came up with our own process to make denim fabrics appear vintage without using harmful chemicals or toxic sandblasting. We use hand scraping and pumice stone abrasion techniques and have coined this process as our “Unique Dry Denim Process” which is how we derived our name, “dry-cope-r denim”. To make ethical clothing available to a wide selection of people, we have gone digital with our ethical fashion online store and offer free deliveries in Australia and to New Zealand.

Contact us for more information or to book a viewing at our showroom. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our new arrivals.